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Editable Kid Morning Bedtime Routine Chart

Morning meltdowns... bedtime battles... tiring and stressful power struggles... that's the usual when young kids don't have a predictable routine they follow day in and day out (sound familiar, mommies & daddies?).

Use this chart to provide the structure kids crave and transform routines into a game they can proudly win at!

Download the chart immediately and use as is. Or quickly change the text and images to correspond with each child’s responsibilities. Free online editor & 40+ routine images included. No software download or tech skills required whatsoever!

  • Avoid power struggles & meltdowns by setting clear goals kids know they need to stick to
  • Help your kids think for themselves by putting their little brains to work
  • For young kids, checking off each task as they complete feels great! It's something they can be proud of

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