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Personalized Routine Chart Printable - Editable

This delightful template will help you quickly create a custom routine AND bring it to life visually so that your child is excited to participate.

Our Personalized Template makes your child the star of the show by featuring your child's name, gender, hair color, skin tone and a special love message from you.

Seeing pictures that align with actions helps your child understand the plan, so they don't feel out of control. Plus a predictable routine creates confidence and comfort, which reduces those daily battles.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose your custom options and enter them into the personalization box above.
  2. We'll build your custom kiddo and email you a link to the finished template within 72hrs.
  3. Edit the template on line to create a custom routine chart. Have fun adding names, typing in chores and changing images. Then, download and print the chart.

The editing process