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Princess & Unicorn Morning Bedtime Routine Chart - Editable

From Stressed to Blessed: Empower your kids with an easy-to-follow daily routine chart.

Morning meltdowns... bedtime battles... tiring and stressful power struggles... that's the usual when young kids don't have a predictable routine they follow day in and day out (sound familiar, mommies & daddies?).

But you'd be surprised at how EFFECTIVE this Morning & Bedtime chore chart can be at making your kids WANT to follow a daily routine. It transforms having one into a game they can proudly win at!

Eventually, they take the lead and follow the chart on their own! No wonder this daily routine schedule became a must-have in the eyes of our countless happy customers, IT WORKS! All while being easily editable to fit the needs of each child. Say bye-bye to meltdowns and help your child build healthy new habits with this amazing printable!

  • Benefits

    • CREATE A DAILY STRUCTURE - This editable routine schedule is a simple and easy way to communicate to your toddler what to do and what comes next. Which in turn helps teach them to have consistency while avoiding unnecessary power battles.
    • TURN CHORES INTO A GAME - For young kids, checking off each task as they complete feels great! It's something they can be proud of. Being so, it helps them associate good emotions to the habit of being productive throughout the day.
    • TEACH SELF-RELIANCE - One of the top benefits of this chore chart is that it helps kids think for themselves. Putting their little brains to work and needing fewer reminders from Mom & Dad to do the right thing.
    • AVOID POWER STRUGGLES & MELTDOWNS - Having a chore chart your kid can repeatedly visualize and follow helps make things less stressful by setting clear goals they KNOW they need to stick to.
    • CUSTOMIZE AS YOU GO - We make it easy for parents to quickly edit both text and images whenever they feel like changing things up. No software or tech skills required whatsoever!

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