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Custom Dry Erase Laminated Morning & Bedtime Routine Chart

It’s HARD being a little sometimes! “Where do we have to go today? What do I need to do? What can I learn? Am I a big kid yet?” Sometimes we grown-ups forget about the overwhelming cascade of thoughts and questions in a young child’s mind.

Sometimes that feeling of powerlessness leads to frustrating meltdowns and tantrums...and families get discouraged. But there are remedies. It helps a LOT to have some predictable daily chore chart routines in place for a sense of security and a chance to shine!

Young ones LOVE following their engaging list of things to do on our custom-printed, 11” x 14” laminated Morning & Bedtime Routine Chart for kids. They are absolutely elated to see it personalized with their own specific activities and to confidently check off each task they complete. This responsibility chart boosts confidence, tenacity, and pride!

Families appreciate our laminated dry-erase chore chart for organized schedules -- these charming tools are TRULY EFFECTIVE ways to help young children form great habits, use time wisely, and feel outstanding about themselves. A benefit for the whole family. Check out the uplifting possibilities with a toddler chore chart now.

  • PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED & BOLDLY DISPLAYED - When we see our to-do lists on a tangible, attractive 11” x 14” chart, we are more excited to take charge and perform. This is especially true for young ones! They can see their personal responsibilities and feel good about checking off accomplishments.

  • TURN BATTLES INTO TEAM EFFORTS - Instead of feeling like Mom & Dad are on one side and kids are on the opposing side, when we tackle our lists as a combined team, it feels better and fosters positive family relationships. We are all in this together, and making goals and bedtime routines a group effort has a nice effect on everyone.

  • ENCOURAGE SELF-CONFIDENCE & INDEPENDENCE - When the kids perform the tasks on their charts without prodding, be sure to applaud them and smile. They’ll feel inspired to do more on their own, and it will help nourish their sense of accomplishment and their self-confidence for the long term.

  • EASY, NEAT, CLEAN, & REUSABLE - The custom-made, poster-size, laminated chart is extremely handy. Choose the list of activities to display, and our team creates it with care. It is shipped and ready to use immediately. Simply hang it up and get ready to check off those efforts. Dry-erase markers are perfect for the surface, which can be whisked clean in the morning so the chart is ready for a new day & eve.

  • PAIR IT UP WITH A SUPER-FUN STORY - Dive into an awesome story: ‘Pig & Fox’s New Routine’ -- included with every order as a downloadable PDF. This adorable and educational tale can give kids a better idea of the hows and whys of routines in our lives, and get them excited to get started on their own visual schedule. The story is great preparation for using the laminated chart.


How to Order:

  1. Pick activities from the activity list provided in the product gallery.
  2. Type activities in the order you would like them to appear.
  3. It's 100% okay to make small changes to the wording so your little one understands. For example, in your household you may say "Night, night" instead of "Sweet Dreams." Limit text phrases to 4 words max.


Product Details:

♥ Professionally printed on heavyweight, poster paper
♥ Laminated
♥ Product size (11" x 14")
♥ Made in the USA



♥ Product is customized, printed and shipped within 2 business days
♥ FREE Shipping!
♥ Ships within the 48 contiguous states. International shipping not available.
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Graphics are great (but creased edge)

We're sorry to hear one of the edges is creased! We'd love to make this right for you so please don't hesitate to get in touch. We've just sent you an email so you can contact us easily!

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