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Trying to keep a toddler on a schedule can be hectic for stay-at-home moms. A few simple ideas can help stay-at-home moms and toddlers get through the day without meltdowns. The best way to create a toddler schedule is to break down the day into 3 time management blocks: morning, afternoon, and evening. Because toddlers have a short attention span and meltdowns, time management blocks are the best solution.

Toddler Schedule Ideas

1. Morning-Getting toddlers up in the morning and get going is not an easy task. Stay-at-home moms can make mornings a breeze with a few simple schedule ideas that keep toddlers from have morning meltdowns. The morning toddler schedule should be activated between 7 a.m. and noon.
  • Time to get up- Add a set time to a toddler’s schedule. When stay-at-home mom’s set a time to get toddler’s up in the morning, there will be less whining and crying. Be consistent. Don’t deviate. Stay on track.
  • Time to get ready-Keep you toddler on track once they get up by having them go straight to the bathroom to brush their teeth and wash their face. Allow around 10 minutes for a bathroom trip.
  • Time to get dressed-The easiest way for stay-at-home moms to save time and keep toddlers on a morning schedule is to lay out clothes the night before. Let your toddler help pick out what they want to wear. By including your toddler, there will be less whining in the morning.
  • Time to eat breakfast-Toddlers are picky eaters. To stick to a morning schedule, let toddlers pick one of their favorite foods for breakfast. If your toddler is old enough, let them help. Try to keep breakfast to thirty minutes because toddlers get antsy. Don’t worry about the dishes, you can do them after the kids are in bed.
  • Time to play-All work and no play makes toddlers and stay-at-home moms cranky. Give toddlers a set play time before lunch and naptime. While toddlers are playing, moms can do what needs to be done without a fussy toddler.
  • Time for snack-Schedule a time for a mid-morning snack. 10:30 is a great time for toddlers to refuel and moms to take a break.


2. Afternoon-Afternoons mean cranky toddlers and sometimes even cranky moms. Stay-at-home moms can make afternoons less stressful with these easy schedule ideas that help toddlers from having afternoon tantrums. The afternoon schedule should be activated between noon and five.

  • Time for lunch- Noon is a good time to serve toddlers lunch. When toddlers are full, it is easier to get them to take a nap. Quick and easy lunches are easy-peasy and less stressful for toddlers and moms. Keep it quick and easy by serving fruit and ready-to-eat protein.
  • Time for nap-Stay-at-home moms need quite time. Nap time after lunch is perfect for winding down after lunch. Nap times can vary by toddler age.
  • Time for play-After nap, let toddlers play until dinner.
  • Time for snack-Mid-afternoon snack is optional. If your toddler is hungry, serve a light snack around 3:30.


3. Evening-Evenings mean tired toddlers and moms. Stay-at-home moms can make evenings successful with these easy schedule ideas that help toddlers go from dinner to bed without crying. The evening schedule should go from dinner at 5 to bed by 8.

  • Time for dinner- Dinnertime can be hectic. With toddlers screaming, it’s easy to get frazzled. The best way to schedule dinner at 5 o’clock is prepare a weekly menu of Sunday night.
  • Time to wind down-After dinner, let toddlers wind down either by playing or reading to them.
  • Time for bath-To make bath time go smoothly, have everything ready for your toddler. Bath time can vary depending on toddler age. Be sure to brush their teeth before bed.
  • Time for bed- To keep bed time at a minimum, have pajama’s laid out, tuck them in, read a bedtime story, and turn out the lights.


Overall, these toddler schedule ideas will help stay-at-home moms get their daily life back on track and keep toddlers on a regular routine. Need help organizing your daily toddler routine? Browse our collection of visual routine charts here.