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For work at home moms trying to balance working and keeping up with a toddler can be a challenge. One way stay at home moms can win the challenge is by adding fun, quiet toddler activities to your child’s daily schedule. These three, fun quiet toddler activities are bound to please mom and keep toddlers busy while mom works.

Quiet Toddler Activities

1. Reading a book-This engaging quiet activity is perfect for toddlers of any age. Reading will keep your toddler occupied and quiet while you work.
  • Set up an imagination station- To get your toddler interested in reading a book create an imagination station. Add a bright and colorful small reading table and chair. Decorate a small space with bright posters of their favorite characters. Add some big, plastic colorful blocks with letters and numbers. Fill a colorful basket with several of their favorite books.
  • Pick books age appropriate-Pick books that are easy for your toddler to read. For toddlers ages 1 to 2, pictures books are best. For older toddlers ages 3 to 4, easy to read books are the best. Always let your toddler choose a book they want to read.
  • Add reading to the schedule-Toddlers are very active. For work at home moms, getting a toddler to be still takes a schedule. Include a block of time for reading. Depending on your toddler’s age, ten to fifteen minutes will keep your toddler engaged and quiet.


2. Arts and Crafts-Arts and crafts is one of the best solutions for a quiet toddler activity. Arts and crafts will keep your toddler entertained and busy while you work.

  • Set up an art station-Toddlers love to draw and create. Set up an art station with a colorful, sturdy table. Add colorful bins filled with age appropriate art supplies.
  • Art-Toddlers love to color and draw. This fun quiet activity is perfect for little ones. For younger toddlers, crayons and washable markers are the best option for drawing on colorful sheets of durable art paper or their favorite character coloring book. For older toddlers, crayons, washable markers, or even colored pencils are great for your little Picasso.
  • Crafts-Toddlers love to make things. Let their imagination run wild with this fun quite activity. For younger toddler’s sticker books are great. For older toddlers, paste, and safety scissors will allow your toddler to let their imagination take off.


3. Puzzles-Easy to put together puzzles are a great quiet activity for toddlers. Puzzles will keep your toddler busy and engaged while you work.

  • Age appropriate-For toddlers ages 1 to 2, easy, simple, put together puzzles are the best. Offer your toddler big piece jigsaw puzzles of their favorite things or block puzzles that engages their minds. For older toddlers, give them puzzles that require thinking skills.
  • Creative characters-Let toddlers pick their favorite puzzle to put together.
  • Blocks-Block puzzles are fun. Building blocks are a great way for toddlers to have quiet fun.


Keeping toddlers quiet and busy while you work is challenging. With these great ideas, toddlers will have fun, quiet activities to do while you can get your work done.