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Chores can be boring for kids. However, parents can make chores fun with a cool and creative family chore chart. Following a few easy steps, you can learn how to make a fun family chore chart, that makes kids want to do their chores.

Fun Family Chore Chart Ideas:

  1. Be Creative-Bye-bye boring. Kids don’t like boring! Making a fun family chore chart takes creativity. Let kids decorate the chore chart with their favorite colors and characters. Add colored magnets to represent days of the week and different assigned chores. Add gold stars or money symbol removable stickers after each chore is completed. Make it fun!

  2. Take Turns-Let kids help. Kids love to be involved! Making a fun family chore chart takes involvement. Let kids take turns assigning chores to other family members. Once a week, give your children the responsibility to chart weekly chores. Not only do they get to be in charge, but also have fun being the boss. Keep kids happy!

  3. Play Games- Chores can be fun. Kids love to play games! When you make chores a game, kids want to play. Turning chores into a game instead of a chore gets kids excited. Chores can be fun with games like ‘Make the bed, get ahead’ or Sweep the Floor, don’t get bored’. If you add chore games to your chart, add special prizes for each game finished within a set time limit. Let them win!

  4. Reverse Day-Take a break. Kids need a break! Chores can become mundane and boring. Give your child a reverse day. Instead of getting your children to do chores on a certain day, take their place. Reverse roles with your child. Let your child rest, relax, and have fun one day a week. Pick a day, like Funday Sunday or Winday Wednesday to incorporate reverse day. Be a kid!

  5. Get Silly-Silly equal fun. Kids love to act silly! Take boring chores and turn into silly fun. Find special ways to act silly during chore time. Let younger children dress-up or older children play silly music. Being silly chases away the boring chore blues. Cure the boredom.

  6. Hide-and-Seek-Find a special prize. Kids love to find things! To make chores fun, add a hide-and-seek time. Pick a day and chore, hide a special prize, such as extra money, or coupons that can be redeemed for chore day off. Kids will be eager to do chores when they can play hide-and-seek. Adding this to your family chore chart is guaranteed to make chores fun. Get a clue!

Go from boring to scoring when you make a fun family chore chart with these fun-inspired tips. Start with a new fun, creative chore chart, be sure to take turns letting kids be involved in charting chores, play games to keep kids motivated, give your child a break, get silly and let your child see how fun chores can be, and finally, play hide-and-seek to give your kids incentives to do their chores.