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Establishing a good nighttime routine can be difficult for families with young children. If you start introducing a routine early in life, your kids may be more likely to stick to a routine later in life.


Establishing a routine that keeps your household running smoothly can be a challenge at first, but doing so will result in that peace you desire and deserve.




We all need sleep in order to function well. An important part of your nighttime routine is establishing a consistent bedtime. Enough sleep is vital for your success and the success of your children. Set yourself up to experience life's victories by planning for enough rest.


Seek to start your nighttime routine at the same time every day, and allow enough time for sleep. For instance, if your bedtime routine takes approximately 1 hour and you want your kids in bed by 8 o'clock, you'll want to start your nighttime routine around 7 PM.


Bedtime Routine Activities


Set up a sequence of activities that you do in order right before bedtime each night. That way, your kids know what to expect and when it's time to wind down for bed.


Start your nighttime routine with hygiene. Start with bath time, and allow a little extra time for your kids to play. Make the bedtime routine as fun as possible for your children. After bath time, have your children brush their teeth.


Next, build bonding time into your routine. Younger children might enjoy an evening walk in the stroller. It might help to relax them and help them become drowsy.


Read to your children right before bedtime. Choose a shorter book if your kids are younger. Your children will soon look forward to story time and recognize this as a signal that the day is coming to an end.


Finally, ensure your children use the bathroom as close to lying in bed for the night as possible. This eliminates an excuse to get up and provides another signal that bedtime is approaching.


Sing a lullaby or say goodnight to your children in your own special way. Your children will remember the evening routine for a lifetime. In addition to providing structure and a way to lower the stress level in your home, your evening routine will show your kids that you love and appreciate them.