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Mornings can be a hectic time for kids and busy moms. To solve the problem of morning routines, moms need a kid morning routine chart. Getting the brilliant benefits of a kid morning routine chart starts with SMART goals.

5 Kid Morning Routine Chart Hacks

1. Start the day, the smart way-Kids don’t like mornings! By creating a morning routine chart, you can start the day the smart way. 
  • Set a time to get up-Let’s face it, kids can be slower in the mornings. Sometimes all they want to do is stay in bed under the covers. Setting a time to get up helps progress your morning routine. Be sure to allow a thirty-minute wake-up window to keep kids on track.
  • Make a list of things to do-Lists are a mom’s best friend. Adding a list of things to do on your kid’s morning routine chart will make getting them ready for the day a breeze. Write down a morning to-do list on a chart in bright red letters. It lets them know what needs to me done after they wake up.
  • Allow extra time-Getting into a habit of a morning routine and sticking to it takes time. Ease kids into a morning routine slowly and mornings will go smoothly.
  • Roll with the flow-Morning routines don’t have to be difficult for you or your kids. There will be times when mornings don’t go as planned, that’s okay. When you roll with the flow, so will your kids.
  • Take five-If the morning routine isn’t going as planned, take five minutes to regroup. Relax, take a deep breath, and start over.


2. Move and Cheer, get in gear-Morning routines can be fun! When creating a morning routine chart, incorporate fun that gets the kids in gear.

  • Go for the gold-Entice kids to get in gear in the morning with gold stars. Add gold stars to a morning routine chart. When kids collect seven stars, they get a prize.
  • Excitement wins-When you are excited about morning routines, kids will be too. Fill morning routine charts with exciting things to do.
  • Touchdown-When kids stick to a morning routine chart, cheer them on. Create Touchdown Tuesday or Thursday to celebrate their morning routine victory.


3. Aim to go, out the door-Ready, aim, go! The main goal of a morning routine chart is to aim in the right direction to go out the door.

  • Ask for help-Get older kids to help get younger kids ready during morning routines. Asking for help gets everyone out the door quicker.
  • In a minute-Aim for five minutes out the door. Set a timer to keep up with out the door time.
  • March out-For little ones, play a marching game or follow the leader out the door.


4. Rise and Shine, wake up time-Time to wake up! Clock is set, clock goes off, time to rise and shine. Add a clock to the morning routine chart.

  • Urge curb-Resist the urge to sleep in on the week-ends. Keep kids on a morning routine schedule.
  • Play beat the clock- Set the clock for whatever time kids need to get up. Let them try to beat the clock to wake up first.


5. Tick-tock, watch the clock-Time flies! Keep an eye on the clock to keep time from getting away from you. Make time a focal point of your morning routine chart.

  • Teamwork-Get the entire family on board to keep track of time.
  • Initiate-Create a time watch.
  • Maintain-Watch the clock every morning.
  • Engage-Set up a clock watching system.


When you follow these handy helpers, you will be rewarded with the brilliant benefits of using a kid morning chart.