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Chores teach kids responsibility. Choosing age appropriate chores does not have to be difficult if you break down chores into different age categories.  From toddlers to teens, chores instill values that last through adulthood. To keep chores age appropriate for kids, make a chore chart that is easy to follow.


Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

1.Toddlers-From ages one to four, toddlers can start learning to do simple chores. Be sure to keep chores simple and age appropriate at this age. Make chores a game and reward a job well done. Here are some simple chores to teach your toddler responsibility.
  • Age 1-At this age, toddlers have a very short attention span. They only need one chore during this stage to encourage responsibility. Make a game out of picking up their toys. Encourage toddlers to pick up their toys by playing fun games.
  • Age 2-At this age, toddlers can handle two chores. In addition to picking up toys, a two-year-old can do a few more chores, such as putting away clothes. Remember, always make chores fun!
  • Age 3-At this age, toddlers start becoming more independent, which means more responsibility. Giving your three-year-old more chores helps builds their independence. Let them help set the table or put dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Age 4-At this age, toddlers are smart enough to learn more responsibility through more chores. This is the stage to teach them to vacuum or take out the trash.
2. Kids-From ages five to nine, kids are independent and want to help. This is the stage, where they can handle more responsibility and chores.
  • Age 5 -6-This is the perfect age to introduce more chores that require more responsibility. Let you five or six-year old feed pets, help with dinner, or wash dishes. Doing these chores reinforces independence and responsibility.
  • Age 7-9-At this age, kids start to exert their independence, which means more chores. Between the ages of seven and nine, kids can handle more responsibility. Assign chores such as cleaning the bathroom, cleaning their room, or walking the dog.
3. Pre-teens-From ages ten to twelve, age appropriate chores will include a lot of responsibility for your pre-teen. Letting a pre-teen handle more responsibility helps them follow directions.  
  • Age 10-A ten-year-old is ready for more responsibility. Giving weekly chores helps them learn cooperation. At this age, your pre-teen can prepare meals, clean the yard, or wash the car.
  • Age 11-Not quite teens, eleven-year-olds are at that in-between stage. At this age, eleven-year-olds can mow the yard or wash clothes.
  • Age 12-Twelve is that magic number where pre-teens want parental approval. A twelve-year-old is ready for minor grown-up responsibilities. Chores should be aligned with your pre-teen’s willingness to do chores. Don’t overwhelm you twelve-year old with a lot of chores or you will create rebellion. Let them decide what chores they want to do.
4. Teens-From ages thirteen to eighteen, chores usually equal more money. Teens want to earn and spend money. At this stage, add a specific dollar value based on age and chore.
  • Age 13-18-This is the stage where teens can handle major chores, such as cleaning the entire house.


Regardless of your child’s age, chores teach responsibility and build character. Give your child age appropriate chores to help them learn responsibility that stays with them into adulthood.