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Kid chore charts are great tools to help mom and kids get organized. However, it is important to avoid kid chore chart mistakes. Knowing what mistakes to avoid will help moms and kids avoid pitfalls of not doing chores. Here are 8 kid chore chart mistakes every mom should avoid.

Kid Chore Chart Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Two too many-Avoid the mistake of giving kids too many chores. This kid chore chart mistake will overwhelm kids. The number of chores listed on the chore chart needs to be based on age. Toddlers need less chores than older kids.  More isn’t always better for younger kids!

  2. Clutter bug-A decorated kid chore chart is fine, but a cluttered chore chart is a mom no-no. Clutter causes chaos. If chore charts are filled with unnecessary things, it creates confusion for kids. Let kids help decorate the chore chart. Keep it clean, don’t be a clutter bug!

  3. Know time-Time management traps are easy to fall into. Kids chores need to be on a timed schedule. Too much chore time creates overwhelmed kids. Too little chore time creates idle kids. Determine the right amount of time for kids. Be careful, don’t get caught in time traps!

  4. Reward regret- Avoid monetary mistakes. Don’t reward all chores and kids the same. Chores should be assigned a specific reward, so kids will have something to gain. Make rewards visible on chore charts. When kids know what they earn, they work harder. Write down the rewards, don’t regret it!

  5. Inclusion confusion-Not including your kids in making a kid chore chart, is a big mistake for moms. To keep kids from feeling left out, include them in all decisions of making a chore chart. Know what they want. Stop confusion with inclusion!

  6. Great expectations- One of the biggest mistake moms can make with a kid’s chore chart is expecting too much. Kids are kids, don’t expect a lot. Your kids aren’t adults.  Know what chores your kids can do.  Chores should be kid-friendly. Don’t expect kids to do more than they can!

  7. Boring blues-Chores should not be boring. Boring chores equal bored kids. Moms don’t let boring chores rule your kids. Kids hate boring. Make chores fun.  Rule the roost with kid friendly, fun chores. Chase the chore blues away. Make boring chore blues disappear with fantastic chore games!

  8. Write right-Kid chore charts need to be clear and concise. Don’t make the mistake of not being clear with chores. Kids need clear and concise directions. Simple wording helps kids understand. Write right so you can’t go wrong!

If you know what to look for and know the signs, you can avoid making mistakes with your chore chart. Know what your kid wants and what they can do before creating a chore chart. The 8 kid chore chart mistakes listed above have simple fixes that are easy to do. Don’t let little mistakes undermine your family's chore routine.