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School can be stressful for preschoolers and primary school kids. It’s important that kids have a stress free after school routine. This can easily be done by following seven tips that include an after school routine chart.

7 Tips for a Stress Free After School Routine

1. After school routine chart-Kids can get overwhelmed at school with all the different routines. It’s important to provide a stress free after school routine. The use of an after school routine chart is one of the best ways to organize the afternoon and keep kids from getting stressed.

  • Use fun colors-Using fun colors such as blue or pink for the routine chart, helps kids stay mentally focused and calm.
  • Include positive messages-Writing positive messages on a routine chart helps kids stay positive after a stressful day at school.
  • Limit after school activities-It’s easy for younger kids to get overwhelmed. Moms should keep after school activities to a minimum. This keeps stress levels down.
  • Schedule time blocks- Keep kids stress free after school by scheduling time blocks for homework, dinner, bath time, and bed time.


2. Explore outdoors-After school kids need to unwind. Take them outside to explore nature. This is a great stress free after school routine for the entire family.

  • Go for a walk-After school get out of the house. Let kids destress by going for a walk around the neighborhood.
  • Take a nature hike-For a more in-depth after school stress free day, go for a nature hike. Turn nature into a relaxing afternoon.
  • Go play- There’s no better way for kids to have a stress free after school than to go outside and play in the backyard. Let them have fun jumping in the leaves or swinging.


3. Quite time-After school kids need quite time to de-stress. Finding time for quite in your after school routine is important.

  • No T.V.- T.V. during quiet time can be distracting for your kids. Keep the T.V. off.
  • No video games-During quite time, no video games equal stress free.


4. Have fun-Nothing says stress free like having fun. Incorporate fun into your stress free after school routine.

  • Play games- Spend time together playing games. Kids love games and it helps them de-stress.
  • Get cooking-Have fun in the kitchen not cooking but creating memories together.


5. Imagination station-Preschoolers and younger kids love make-believe. Letting them use their imagination helps them be less stressful after school.

  • Run wild-Let your kids imagination run wild. When kids unleash their imagination, they unleash stress.


6. Music therapy-Music calms the stressed child. Calming, relaxing music is the key to a stress-free child.

  • Keep it mellow-Soft music helps calm stressed kids after school.
  • Sound machine-A sound machine is the perfect fix for stressed kids. Turn it on and turn off their stress.


7. Let it go-If your kids have a stressful day at school, talk to them about ways to be stress free after school.

  • Talk about it- Listen to your kids. They will let you know if they had a bad day. Always provide reassurance.


Stress at school can hurt your child. It can make them sick. As a mom it is important to find ways for them to be stress free after school. By following these seven tips, kids will learn to be stress free.