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Technology is on the rise and kids today are spending more time online due to increased screen time. Finding a way to balance your kids screen time does not have to be difficult or start a war with your kids if you follow these three proven ways to balance screen time. When balancing screen time for kids, be sure to age balance as well. Not all kids are created equal.

3 Simple Tips for Balancing Screen Time

1. Time Off- One of the most important ways parents can balance screen time is with time off.

  • Toddlers-The easiest way to balance screen for your toddler is to limit screen time. Toddlers do not need a lot of screen time. Allow your toddler a certain amount of time watching television or the tablet. Scheduling screen time for toddlers creates balance. The World Health Organization suggests limiting toddlers to one hour of screen time a day.
  • Kids-From ages five to nine, kids spend an average of 40% of their day glued to a screen. To balance screen time for younger kids, set time limits such as no screen time during dinner or T.V. off during homework.
  • Tweens-Kids between the ages of ten and twelve need time off from their cell phone, tablet, or T.V. Parent’s need to balance tweens screen time by limiting the number of hours spend in front of a screen. To balance screen time for tweens, time off should be during dinner and bedtime.
  • Teens-Balancing screen time for teens can be difficult. However, teenagers still need screen time off. For teens the best balance of screen time is between the hours of nine o’clock at night and six o’clock in the morning. Nine hours of time off is the perfect balance of screen time for teens.
    2. Get Moving-Another great way to balance screen time for kids is to get them moving.
      • Exercise-To balance kids screen time, parents should include an exercise routine. Exercise is a great way for kids to release stress.
      • Outdoors-Balance your kids screen time by getting them outside to explore nature or go outside to play.
      • Family Time-Family time is the perfect time for kids to put down their phone, turn off the T.V, or out away the tablet. Family time creates a great screen time balance.
      • Quite Time-Implement quite time for your kids to balance screen time. The easiest way to have quite time is in thirty-minute blocks for every two hours of screen time.
        3. Week-end Wind Down-Week-ends are a great time for kids to wind down from screen time. Week-ends provide the perfect balance of screen time.
          • Go Camping-Load up the kids and go camping without devices. Kids will have fun. Camping will help balance screen time for your kids.
          • Take a Day Trip-Balance screen time by leaving devices behind. Take a day trip and explore new places.
          • Visit Family- Take the kids to see relatives you haven’t seen in a while. Turn of cell phones and tablets. Talk to each other. Play car bingo.
          • Family Time-Balance screen time with family time. Get kids to put down their phones and play family games. Turn off the T.V. and cook a meal together.

          Whatever your child’s age, balancing screen time is important. Finding the proper balance helps kids manage their time in creative ways.